Sunday, 29 April 2012

Laughter is the best medicine

This week has been very up and down for the diabetes world, there certainly were highs and lows and I’m not talking about blood sugars for once! My twitter account almost exploded on a number of occasions, and I think my boss sacked me four times for tweeting while “on the job.”

We saw type 1 diabetes having its day in parliament, as 60 adults and children with type 1 diabetes had their chance to tell MP’s of the experiences issues and challenges they had faced since being diagnosed. Their aim was to secure government funding into type 1 medical research and to push the type 1 agenda up the political ladder. I saw from the tweets and pictures what a fantastic job everyone did and I was proud that they were representing type 1’s for our country!

That was the high, and what a massive high it was!

However, as with our blood sugars that high came down, unfortunately dipping to a very deep low. I won’t dwell on this too much, as I’m sure you all know what I’m going to say next. Yes the press decided to declare to the nation that diabetics are single handedly going to bankrupt the NHS. I’m sure we’re also responsible for the fact that dodo’s are now extinct, but like I said I won’t dwell on it.

Instead I want to make you all smile a little, because as they say….laughter is the best medicine! Over the weekend I have been sent stories about amusing hypo incidents from my twitter and Facebook buddies. Obviously hypos are very serious and very frustrating for us, however they can lead to some hilarious tales which I will now share with you.

I haven’t named names, they aren’t all mine and yes it is ok to laugh….

“My 1.5 year old son seeing me lying on the landing with no bodily control drew all over me with a pen. I was awake at the time but couldn’t move to stop him.”

“I once ate a cake wrapper (cake included)”

“Whilst on a walk in a forest I tried to genuinely hide from my wife behind a very thin tree. Unsurprisingly she spotted me!”

“I wondered into my dads study (which used to be my bedroom) only wearing my underwear asking why he had moved my bed.”

“I once ate dog chocolate drops that I found in a cupboard.”

“I punched a teacher and then told him to f*$% off.”

“My brother in law (while having a hypo) told my mother how attractive she is and what a great pair of t*%$ she has – He didn’t remember after.”

“I told someone that I couldn’t go out that night because I was washing my dog. I meant to say my hair obviously.”

“My husband had a very bad hypo and as I was calling 999 he opened his eyes, looked right at me, and projectile vomited right in my face! He had warned me about the symptoms, except for being sick!”

“I punched a paramedic in the face for giving me hypo stop.”

"An old pal of mine said that I bit him on the elbow once while having a hypo."

"I woke my dad up to tell him that I wasn't going to play for Arsenal anymore."

I hope that has cheered everyone up on this wet and windy evening! It’s not all doom and gloom after all!

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