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Stop bashing my Health Care Professionals….

I’m sure that we have all read in the papers at some point that diabetes care is not at the standard that it should be. That “Only half of NHS patients are receiving acceptable care” - The Independent. As people with diabetes we want to know why this is happening and what is being done about it! As soon as a story is published with any negativity it causes uproar throughout the diabetes community, and I for one admit that I’ve joined in before! It’s so easy to get caught up in it all, but we need to stop and think about how this negativity affects those who are trying their best to help us.

Do we really think that hcps aren’t trying? That they only put in half hearted efforts? That they spend years at medical school to not give everything they have to their patients?

I don’t have statistics or charts to show you all because none of that matters to me right now. I can feel in myself everyday that the work my hcps have put in is doing me the world of good and that is what is important to me.

We need to show that there isn’t just bad news out there, that diabetes care has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years and most of all we need to pull together as a team to support our hcps…. because where would we be if we didn’t have them? We need them, and I know that they do their absolute best to give us the care we deserve! So next time we see the papers bashing our hcps, please stop and think from every angle about where to place the blame.

I collected a few stories today from people who agree that hcps are wonderful people and they deserve a massive pat on the back for what they have done for us. Please read through them and add your own  story in the comments section at the bottom of the blog if you would like to contribute!

Jen said; “I'll always be thankful for my DSN teams through the years, especially the ones that said yes to be trained to do the DAFNE course. You guys are a big part of the reason I'm still alive today. Thank you also for helping my parents cope with their daughter's diagnosis at such a young age. I can fully appreciate that being healthcare professionals is never easy; trust the ignorant to make it all black and white when it's not.” - Jean, Belinda, Frank & Doctor Huston at James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.


Gemma said; “The team I work with in the Ulster hospital are very close knit and supportive they have seen me through pregnancy related diabetes, and followed my journey to where I am now. They have always supported my requests and always been full of encouragement even when things weren't going my way. They taught me that one bad sugar is not the end of the world. What matters is trying your best and living your life Best piece of advice - You are a person first and diabetic second, and that should never change.” - Ulster Hospital, Belfast.

Martyn said; “My diabetes team are my guardian angels. When I think of all the positive things that have come out of my diabetes, they're right there... it was my DSN who encouraged me to start volunteering for Diabetes UK, because she helps to organise weekends for children with diabete. If I have a question, about going to a music festival or even just how to deal with a cold, I know she's right there on the end of the phone or email if I need her. She, and the fantastic doctors at my clinic, worked to get me an insulin pump, and I'm so grateful, because it's given my diabetes a kick up the proverbial backside. Finally, I feel I should give a quick mention to my local doctor's surgery and pharmacy. 99% of the time, they put up with my constant prescription changes and requests, and they always get my repeat prescriptions sorted in about a day. So thanks, everyone, for keeping me alive and happy! You're alright really.” - Hospital: Princess Royal Hospital, Telford.

Hannah said; "my doctor for every moan i have about him is a truely brilliant doctor. i cannot put into words the grattitude i have to him for what he did. he never ever gave up on me at my worst and when he did get through to me and i changed he was there for advice and support every step of the way. him and my dsn are on the end of the phone of the computer if i need help, and my dr keeps a check through the dsn on all of us. not just is he a brilliant doctor in every way but i actually get on with him as a person, he doesn't make the appointment all about diabetes." - Fairfield General Hospital, Bury.

Leah said; "My son, aged 13 months, fell into a diabetic coma. He was transfered to Guys Hospital ICU and they were fantastic. Once he was out of the woods we were transfered to St Thomas Hospital, London, they were also amazing and so supportive. He was then moved back to our local hospital, Darenth Valley in Dartford, where his diabetic team have been fully supportive and helped me apply for the pump 6 years on. The regularly check in and help me. Our pump team, especially Ann from accucheck, have been amazing helping me overcome my fears and doing extra work training us. His diabetic paediatrician, Dr Gupta of Darenth Valley always refers to us as family and even comes to see my son whenever he is admited."

Ninjabetic (Me!); "Last year I was on a complete downward spiral when it came to my diabetes and I saw no way out. For me it was the end and nobody could change that. If I hadn't met my consultant then I am quite sure that I would not be writing this now. His enthusiasm and passion for diabetes and the commitment to his patients has inspired me to pull myself back. I honestly feel that I owe him my life and there are no words to thank him enough. He is completely dedicated to all of his patients and I know that he will always be there for me, whenever I need him. He deserves so much recognition for his hard work and dedication and I know that he will continue to improve the lives of people with diabetes in any way that he can. - Dr Partha Kar, Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham.

I'd just like to thank everyone for their stories and I hope you have all enjoyed reading this blog!

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