Saturday, 3 November 2012

Blogging is my therapy

Do you ever feel that you just need to let it all out some days? When you're angry or frustrated, happy or upset... even if you just feel like you're overflowing and need to spill everything that's in your head on to paper... I would suggest blogging to you.

Blogging for me is the therapy that I've never had. I say this quite often when people ask why I do it, why I spend my spare time writing down my thoughts. It helps me to understand why something's happened, look at problems from different angles and most of all to understand myself and my diabetes.

I've blogged for years on and off. A friend who was having a hard time told me that he had a secret blog which he updated with his worries and fears. He would release it into the giant overflowing space that is the internet and leave his worries behind with it. He told no one the name of it, gave no one links and he barely discussed it with anyone... because it was his.

So that's what I did. I spent years sending out secret blogs full of my deepest darkest secrets, some diabetes related and some not. I couldn't even tell you their names now though, because this blog has taken priority. All passwords have been forgotten and I have no intention of getting them back. That was my past and this is my future.

Now I still blog from a personal capacity, no one has or ever will influence what I write, but I share my own thoughts and my own opinions with others. That's what blogging is all about isn't it? Telling your side of things, things that mean something to you.

When it comes to my diabetes, sharing experiences is extremely therapeutic, but if no one at all read my blog then I would still be happy. What I'm actually doing when I write is talking to myself, making sense of what it is that's going on in my head at the time. I would never push my ideas on to others, it just so happens that some people relate to what I'm saying.

If I didn't blog then I would worry about keeping it all in. This way I get that release that I need from my diabetes... It's a huge help to me and I'm glad that no one can take that away from me.

Below are some bloggers that I'm a regular viewer of and who have helped me understand my diabetes:

UK bloggers

US Bloggers

Canadian Bloggers

Australian Blogger

I need more from Australia if anyone can suggest any! :)

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