Sunday, 13 January 2013

Stress and the betes

I’m sure that most people who read this, whether they have diabetes or not, will know how stress can affect them. It sometimes seems like a vicious circle when it gets to the stage that stress is not only emotionally but also physically affecting a person.

For the past two months I’ve been stuck in this circle, spinning round and round, not knowing when or where it will stop, or how to get off this rollercoaster ride. Some days stress lets me take some time off, lets me put it down like a book that I’ve been told I had to read. Ahh a little stress holiday… I like these days. They seem kind calm and friendly. However I know that they won’t last and that stress will come back to find me again.

I hadn’t realised before how stress affects my blood sugars because I've never really experienced it until recently. People who know me know how laid back and relaxed I am. When everyone else is flapping around me, I calmly smile and think to myself about how much easier life is to not have any stress.

I admit that I do sometimes live in a bubble, my own little world filled with adventures dreams and ideas that I slowly mould to become reality. I think this helps me to deal with pressure and those around me who are feeling it. I work well if I’m put under strain, it gives me focus and determination, but that bubble is a place that I can go to for a deep breath, to get me through until the jobs done. Now though, I’m the one who's flapping. I think my bubble’s burst and I don’t quite know how to fix it.

I’ve tried everything I can thing of to get a nice steady flow with my blood sugars, even for a few days it would be wonderful, but no… nothing. The more I look back over my results the worse I feel. I can’t see any improvement in my readings and I definitely don’t feel any physical improvements. In fact I feel more drained and fed up as each day goes on.

The vicious circle consists of test strips, warning messages, sore finger tips, bruising, headaches, tiredness, no appetite… all flowing in a smooth circle. At least it’s not a bumpy circle!

I know what the answer is. Remove the stress. It’s easier said than done though, right? This morning I felt better. As I headed to work the sun came out properly for the first time in ages, and I had that fluttery feeling in my tummy that everything will be ok. I just hope it hurries up, the circle breaks and my bubble repairs itself quickly.
Ninjabetic x
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