Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Pump it up!!

Hi! My name’s Laura and it’s been 2 years since my last DKA!
As strange as this may sound, staying out of A&E for two years is quite an achievement for me! If I turned up now I bet none of the staff would say; “Oh you’re back again!” or recognise my face. Often I felt like a part of the furniture. I even knew how to disable the annoying beep on the sliding scale machines.

Although I’m proud of myself for all I have achieved so far, my blood sugars still aren’t where they should be and this is having a huge knock on effect, physically and emotionally.
Despite numerous changes to my insulin regime, CGM loans, regular and lengthy appointments with my (very patient) consultant and a diabetes educational programme, I’m not getting any further towards good control – In fact my results show that I’m going to opposite way!
I knew diabetes wouldn’t be easy but for months now it has been a time consuming, energy draining, unresponsive  pain in the… pancreas!
My a1c has crept up - My frustrations have also crept up with it (can you tell?)
Hypos have become a regular occurrence - In the last 30 days 15% of my blood glucose readings were hypos.  Weight management is distracting and affecting me… even losing a few pounds is an impossible task.
It’s been almost 11 years since my diagnosis and still I regularly wake up feeling like I’ve not slept for weeks. I worry about falling off the diabetes wagon wheel and getting crushed by complications. I still feel faint at the sight of injecting myself… the bruises injections leave on my legs and stomach.
So soon I will start my six month insulin pump trial and hopefully this will be the start of getting me back. I desperately want to feel like me again… I want to be the bouncy, carefree, energetic ninja that I know is inside me! I don’t want to feel that I’m taking one step forward and two steps back anymore… I just want to keep stepping forwards.
Bring on team pump!!!! :)

Ninjabetic x
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