Sunday, 14 April 2013

Small pricks don't hurt.

One of my biggest pump fears was feeling the sting as I put the cannula in. Anything that can sting or scratch scares the life out of me! As you can imaging, having diabetes is quite a challenge, especially as I used to inject 5 or more times a day!

So when it came to inserting my first cannula I was quite anxious. My consultant heroically sacrificed his own stomach to demonstrate how to do it and I had tears in my eyes as I watched, but I knew that I had to do it. I couldn't have a pump without the cannula, and it's not like the needle stayed in once the cannula was there anyway. 

The 1st try took a few minutes. I'm laughing now as I think back because I was holding the needle in my right hand as my consultant also held my hand to guide me with the needle. I was pushing my hand away from my stomach and he was pushing my hand towards it. After a few deep breaths I touched my skin with the tip of the needle and slowly pushed it in... and it was done! No pain, no tears, no ninja face down on the floor... just another needle. I make such a fuss about needles that I was secretly annoyed that I'd been proven wrong and my consultant (as always) was right, it was quite easy!

Take 2 - My 1st set change 2 days later brought with it a few tears. I was home alone and knew that I needed to have a cannula change. I lay on my bed and tried to push the needle in... nothing happened. I tried again and again, getting frustrated, hot and sweaty because the needle just wouldn't go in! Then I realised that I hadn't taken the protective plastic cap off the needle. Rookie mistake! I'd gotten all hot and bothered for no reason After my rather slow realisation I managed to get the needle in painlessly and I was all set to go another 2-3 days without any more needles.

Take 3 - I changed the cannula in under 1 minute! I think i may be winning my personal battle against needles! 

I'm feeling quite relieved - not only for my diabetes management but because my nursing degree is growing ever nearer and I am yet to meet a nurse who cries at the sight of needles! I can't be that person... I need to get over it ASAP! 

To quote myself during my presentation at the Diabetes UK Professional Conference - "Small pricks don't hurt" :)

Ninjabetic x

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