Saturday, 18 May 2013

When the going gets tough

You know something’s wrong when you rock up to work at 2:30am, plonk yourself down in front of your PC, take your shoes off, put your feet up on you desk and settle down until the sun rises.

After being at work all day I planned to work on an assignment until I fell asleep. Sleep didn’t come, the office did, and I know that there will be no time for sleep tomorrow. Sitting at my desk now I feel awful... exhausted, emotional, confused... but I’ve noticed that the one thing in my life that’s good is my diabetes. Today has been a great day regarding blood sugars, and under all the stress that life is bringing it’s a relief to know that I can do something right. Especially when I find diabetes the biggest challenge in my life.

It’s not always like this, far from it in fact. After my DKA it’s been hard to settle into a routine again. It threw me off balance for a long time and I just wanted someone to take over for me. DKA was a confidence knock that I didn’t need, but today has been the first day that my diabetes confidence has taken off again.

It’s been a relief to say ‘thank you’ to my diabetes today. Thank you for giving me a break, thank you for playing nice and thank you for backing off when the going got tough.

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