Thursday, 28 November 2013

A very British hypo

Just as I was about to leave the library today the lights suddenly dimmed. Before I could even look up, a tingling sensation rippled from my head all the way down to my toes.

Ahh - not an electrical issue, but a hypo. No problem I thought as I reached into my bag to find blood glucose machine and jelly babies. "Brilliant" I sighed as I realised I only had 4 babies left.

No problem I thought again as I munched on the babies and headed into the corridor to the vending machine to buy a Coke. "Friggin' brilliant" I muttered as I saw an 'Out Of Order' sign attached to the glass front.

Next option was to walk to the University shop. Only a 5 minute walk and hopefully by the time I make it there the babies would have kicked in a little.

"Oh just brilliant!" I exclaimed as I saw the queue and realised it was lunch time. I counted the students ahead of me... 22 of them. At this point my head had gone a little foggy and I couldn't decide what to do.

Don't queue up, just explain what's happening and head to the front - the rational part of my brain thought.

I can't do that! I'm British, this is what we do - thought the silly and irrational hypo part of my brain.

Push in and get to the front - thought the sensible part again.

No, I couldn't possibly, what would people think?! - thought hypo brain.

Drink it while you're queuing and pay for it when you get to the till - rational brain.

Shut up brain, people might think that's rude... you're not helping - thought hypo brain.

Eventually I made it to the front of the queue! Hooray!


"Just this please" I said as I tripped over my own feet.

"Do you have the right change? My till is low" said the cashier.

Your till isn't the only one that's low I thought to myself.

"Uhmm, I'll check" I said as I put my £5 note away and rummaged around, counting my change.

After a few seconds I heard the cashier tut.

"Sorry" I said. Why was I saying sorry??

"I don't have the right change I'm afraid"

"Do you have the 5p then?"

At this point my brain (sensible and hypo parts) had given up. I was feeling desperate for sugar now... My lips hands and arms were feeling numb.  

"No, but please do take this note and don't worry about giving me the change"

"I can't do that, I'll have to call my manager to get some change"

Forgetting all about being polite and British I grabbed the Coke, slammed the money in the checkout and walked out.

Feeling incredibly guilty 15 minutes later (and also wondering if I'd just shoplifted!) I went back into the shop and apologised. I even queued up again to do it!


Ninjabetic x 

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