Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Sleeping with one eye open

Something strange happened to me 2 nights ago. One minute I was busy writing an essay, the next I was very confused and picking myself up off the floor.

I'd started having a hypo at around 10:30pm. I remember feeling very annoyed because I'd carb counted perfectly that evening and my blood sugars had been within target all day, but hey ho... There was no point sitting around being annoyed with myself. I got up and found my beloved life saving jelly babies.

About 30 minutes (and a glass of pineapple juice) later I tested my blood sugars again - They'd dropped even further. That's all I remember really... I know that at some point I'd called my partner asking him to come over. Usually I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself during a hypo and wouldn't ask for any help, but this time I was scared. 

I don't remember feeling faint, but then again I don't remember much from the next hour. I was definitely face down on the floor and when I sat up I realised that my tongue was extremely painful and swollen. Looking in the mirror it was bleeding and seemed to have track marks along either side. I can only assume that I'd accidentally bitten it when I hit the floor, or for some reason I'd chewed on it! 

Either way I can't talk or eat properly.

About 20 minutes after my partner arrived the hypo started to subside. I'd eaten all I could and was feeling too exhausted to do anything but close my eyes and sleep. I remember shivering for what seemed like hours afterwards, waking during the night and vomiting, then finally falling asleep properly.

From looking at the readings on my blood glucose meter the lowest that night was showing at  2.3 which surprised me as I've been alert and conscious at 1.8 before. I have no idea why I passed out, and I don't often hear of it happening to others. In the 12 years I've had diabetes this is only the second time that it's happened (the 1st story is here) but both times just seemed like any other hypo.  

My confidence has been knocked once again, especially as I live on my own. Last night before going to sleep my blood sugars were 8.2 but I was scared about having a hypo. What if I don't wake up? So I deliberately made them slightly higher and set alarms to test throughout the night, which is not what I want to be doing.

Thankfully I'm seeing my consultant this week so hopefully he can shed some light on why it happened and put my mind at rest a bit. But until then, I'll be sleeping with one eye open.

Ninjabetic x


  1. Sounds awful Laura! I hope it doesn't happen again. I had a similar experience 2 years ago (on Friday 13th no less!!), and ended up with the ambulance coming out. It can be truly frightening. I hope you feel better now x

  2. I hope you'll never have to go through that again!

    I've had diabetes for 18 ½ years now, and have never passed out. Last summer I had a strange hypo much like the one you described. I just couldn't eat enough to make myself feel better, and I was shaking, felt like passing out, and was very afraid of what was going to happen to me. The nearest hospital-like was 30 minutes away!

    Then I finally figured out that it had to be connected to taking Lantus (my long-acting insulin), which would normally last throughout the day. It was a hot summer day, so the heat messed up my metabolism and the insulin seemed to sink in immediately and not during 24 hours as it should! Scary as hell, and you end up feeling like shit the rest of the day.

    It's happened once after that, too, in a similar setting. I'm definitely moving to Iceland next summer! xx