Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Dear Media

Dear media

One day I'm this, one day I'm that,
One day I see you calling me fat.
But what do you know about my condition
What do you know about life on this mission.

Do you see me lying awake at night,
Tears run down my face as I keep trying to fight.   
Do you see me inject, prick my fingers and more,
Do you care about this side, my side of the war.

You sensationalise, you provoke, you speak without care,
You pass judgement on an illness that I have to bear.
You know not of what it's like to live in a body that's broken,
You take words, you twist them and say they've been spoken.

I can't speak for others, this is how I've felt,
I've struggled in silence from the cold blows you've dealt.
I've read and I've listen to misinformation,
When you've had a voice, a voice to educate the nation.

An icon, an image, an unattainable figure, 
You showcase them all, but that causes a trigger.
And what about me, what do you portray,
What you think I should be, what you think I should weigh.

To you I'm a story and a stereotype,
Bad news sells and you thrive on the hype.
The sad fact of it is, you do more harm than good,
If only you listened, cared and understood.

What effort would it take to not make that mistake,
Then when I see those words, I won't feel my heart break.
Your words, they cut through me, straight to the core,
But I stay strong, I have to, I've been here before.

Look at my scars, look closely and you'll see,
They lie on the surface and deep within me.
The big smile, the brave face, I say that I'm fine,
But inside I'm hurting, because of your lie.

Dear media, please help, please give us the choice,
We'll show you the facts, the decisions, the voice.
Dear media, please help, please make the change,
Diabetes is serious, so respect us, not fame.



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, and thanks for reading :)

  2. So very moving. So sad. Our reaction to your powerful poem must move us to join your social movement and to change the experiences of the next generation of PWD, young and old.

    Thank you so much for sharing this.


  3. Such a good poem, with such great advocacy in there. Media is that universal mouthpiece for the general public's ignorance, but it'd be SO EASY for them to do better so much of the time -- simple fact-checking, running it by someone who has a clue, just Google-searching simple things to understand and write accurately. It's a shame more don't do the job. And that's said as someone in the news biz for a decade plus now. Thanks for writing this, and I do hope you also send it on to at least some of the media outlets nearby and/or those that might have messed up in the past. Or those that have done good, with a note saying Thanks.

  4. Yes, very moving...great job.

  5. I love this poem. It speaks of what all of us share, feel and ask for. One of my favorite diabetes poems so far.

  6. Yes yes yes exactly!!! Well said!

  7. Thank you everyone for all your messages and for reading my poem :) I wish my voice was a little bigger so more people could hear, I wish someone behind the press stories would take notice, but it's a reassuring thought to know that there are people out there who feel the same as I do, and that HCPs like Pete are helping to fight our corner. Citizen journalism is where it's at!