Saturday, 20 September 2014

FreeStyle Libre - data download

I just wanted to post a few examples of the charts that you can download straight to your computer from the Libre. 

I'm really impressed with the variety available and I feel that this is the first time I've really understood my data. Previously I've been presented with those horrible spaghetti lines that come muddled together on one graph, with only different colours to tell the days apart. I used to sit with my consultant and let him do all the work when it came to picking out patterns - He's always rocked at that part anyway!

However the charts and info that the Libre displays has been a huge eye opener and for the first time I feel that I can make changes to my insulin without the help of my diabetes consultant! I'm like my very own diabetes Health Care Professional (without the letters behind my name)! 

Patient Power!! 

Daily patterns

Glucose pattern insights

Monthly Summary 

Daily Log


Weekly Summary

There are also options to view meal time patterns and user data. The software is really easy to use - Just download it from and connect your Libre to your PC/laptop via the USB cable provided with the reader. 

As I said, I'm really impressed with way that my data has been presented and the different options I have to view it. It's very empowering and I love knowing that I don't need to go through the routine of making an appointment to see my consultant, heading to my diabetes clinic, battling to download my data via the system they use and then sitting with my consultant whilst he number crunches and I go cross eyes looking at the screen.

I'm currently giving a BIG thumbs up to Abbott!

Ninjabetic x

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