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Diabeto Device - The new kid on the block

Diabeto - Your friend in Diabetes!

Today is an exciting day for people with diabetes as the hotly anticipated Diabeto Device is now ready for pre-order! Diabeto have launched their impressive indiegogo campaign where you can find all the info you will need to know about the product, the ideas behind it and the dedicated team that created it. It really is impressive - You should definitely check it out! 

I have to say that I have been waiting for this device to hatch and spread its wings for what seems like forever (in reality only 2 and a bit years) and I’m really excited that it has finally happened, not only because I desperately want one, but because I’ve seen how hard the team have worked to make this a fantastic product available for people with diabetes. 

The overall aim of Diabeto is to make diabetes management easier for us, to give us a tool that is empowering, to give us insights into our blood glucose levels and what affects them and to help us to have a better quality of life.

What I like about this device (and that's before I've even laid my hands on one) is that is was created by people who went out of their way to involve people with diabetes in the design and build process. All too often I use products or apps and I'm left wondering how much real patient or carer input has gone into them, but with Diabeto I know that it's a product for people, not just for a condition. This is something that's very important to me as the diabetes/tech industry continues to grow and I think many companies could learn a lot from these guys.

Team Diabeto

Diabeto comes in 2 parts - The birdy device (see pics) and an app. The bird plugs into your blood glucose meter and sends (via bluetooth) your blood glucose info over to the app on your smart phone. Readings are then stored onto a secure cloud server so you can access them. Simples! 

Here are some of the features that I really like: 
  • The device itself really appeals to me. It's fun, small and doesn't look like a medical device. Great for kids but I'm almost 29 and I would definitely use it
  • It can be used on the go
  • The app allows you to track more than just your glucose. You can track your mood, insulin, carbs and activity as well as review your blood glucose log.
  • You choose how much or little you want to track
  • The app will plot a blood glucose graph for you so you can pick up trends and patterns. This can then be sent to your health care team in pdf format - putting the patient in the drivers seat
  • The app is free and available on iOS and pebble watches. Android users (myself included) hopefully won't have too long to wait for the app
  • Readings are secure in the cloud
  • Diabeto is compatible with 25 blood glucose meters and the team are working on making it compatible with more
  • Diabeto uses open source hardware meaning that schematic, design files and a bill of materials can be downloaded and used by anyone - The Diabeto team wins some serious cool points for opening it up to the community!

Take a look at the indiegogo campaign for more details on the device and also details on how you can pre-order your very own Diabeto. You'll see that you can also get the device at a special price - The first 100 birds are only $49 (usual price $59)!!

They also have a range of cool perks should you wish to support and contribute to Diabeto including:
  • $1 - A thank you for being part of the family gets you regular updates and your name on the website's 'Thank You' page
  • $15 - Diabeto stickers and your name on the website's thank you page
  • $25 - Diabeto Rockstar t-shirt
  • $29 - Rockstar T-shirt and sticker pack  
and there are a whole load of great offers on Diabeto packs!

You can find Diabeto on:
Twitter - @DiabetoDevice
Facebook - Diabeto 
Website - diabe.to
and of course, indiegogo - Diabeto. Your friend in Diabetes!

Ninjabetic x 

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