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MODZ - The Intelligent Blood Glucose Meter

I remember my first blood glucose meter. It was grey and bulky, living in my bedside draw, only to be used when I was on the verge of a hospital admission. I didn’t understand what the numbers on the screen meant, testing my blood glucose levels was just something that I’d been told I had to do. The message behind the numbers was non-existent, partly due to a lack of education, but mostly due to a lack of interest in the device itself. As a teenager, carrying around a grey and bulky medical device wasn’t my thing. Any gadgets I did have were modern looking and engaging. My blood glucose meter didn’t suit me but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t need it. I wonder how different my diabetes management would have been if I’d been given a meter that I actually wanted to use…

When I was told about Modza blood glucose meter with Angry Birds gamification and eHealth features, I was intrigued. The device was aimed at children and young people, but instantly the big kid that lives inside me wanted to know more!

The meter looks like a lot of fun! It comes in bright, funky colours, with 2 user interface options – Modz or Angry Birds (how cool is that!). The meter can remind the user that they need to test their blood glucose by showing an image on the screen, playing music/whistles or with vibrations, which helps people to be consistent with their testing. The meter stores not only blood glucose results (3000 of them!) but also carbohydrate content, insulin doses, and any exercise undertaken, giving the user a better picture of what affects their blood glucose levels and how. The meter is also motivational, making blood glucose measuring fun by giving points and rewards. Modz have done this because they want to make blood glucose testing exciting, but also with the aim of it leading to, and maintaining, a great HbA1c.  

Now here’s the really cool part… the meter will then automatically send a text message with the results in real time to a mobile phone or email, as well as a designated cloud service to be accessed at any time by the user, their parents/carer and results can be sent to their Health Care Professionals! There is no need for cables! Personally I love the text message idea and was really impressed when I heard about it. I hear from so many worried parents who want know that their child is safe whilst at school, at a sleep over etc and their biggest worry is what their child’s blood glucose is. This seems like the perfect option - peace of mind and reassurance for the parents whilst the kids get on with being kids. Also, parents won’t need to worry about reminding their children to test because the machine does that for them!

After asking a few questions to the team at Modz I found that is not yet available for free in the UK, however plans are in the pipeline for the meter to be available on the NHS in the near future (fingers crossed!). I also enquired about technical support and was told that there is a 2 year guarantee on the meters (just contact Modz and they will send a new one) and there is technical support available via phone on weekdays as well as a list of FAQs on their website.

Modz has launched this exciting new product today (Tuesday 10th February 2015) and it can now be bought through their website. Check out their site out for more Modz blood glucose meter information. 


You can find Modz on a number of platforms: FacebookTwitterLinkedin, Instagram, youtube and of course, their new Website

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