Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Stur water enhancer

A few weeks ago the peeps from Stur contacted me asking if I'd like to try their water enhancer. As I was about to say "thank you, that's very kind but I don't drink water", I thought back to the one and only new years resolution that I make every year and every year I break - To drink more water! (cont) 

My problem is that water is boring, there's no denying that. My other problem is that I drink around 8 cups of tea a day, so I don't find that I'm thirsty often. 

So I agreed to try Stur and initially I wasn't hopeful that it would entice me to break my 8 a day habit in favour of water, however I was wrong. I chose to try the coconut and pineapple Stur (I love love love pineapple) and as it's summer time I thought this would make a nice refreshing change to my tea addiction. It WAS a nice change and not only was it good to try something different, but it also had zero calories and zero carbs. The fact that it has zero carbs is obviously good for my diabetes control as it means I don't need to take insulin for it, plus having zero calories is also good for my waistline! I have to be honest, I do get a little bored with drinking the same sugar free drinks all the time, so having a variety of flavoured Stur enhancers to choose from did make my drinks menu seem a little bit brighter. 

It's all natural and is jam packed with vitamin C and there is a big selection of flavours to choose from. I must admit that the coconut flavour did slightly overpower the pineapple but that didn't put me off. 

It comes in a handy little bottle that would easily fit into my handbag or pocket if I wanted to take it to work or Uni with me, and I found that I only needed a few drops to get the strength that I wanted (though I do like it very very weak!). It lasted me just under 2 weeks and I was using it about 2x a day, so for the price (£2.99 - other flavours vary in price) I thought it was good value. 

You can check out more of the Stur products on their website - www.sturdrinks.eu

Ninjabetic x 
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