Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Type 1 Diabetes… A day in the life #DiabetesAwarenessMonth

7:00am – Mr T’s alarm wakes me up. Wait until he gets up then stretch out in bed.

8:00am – Get out of bed as Mr T leaves for work. Test blood sugars (4.1). Drink a little Lucozade.

8:05am - Look over Dexcom history for that night... (Cont)

8:10am – Get degus out of cage. Feed overexcited, squeaky degus. Leave degus eating and make a cup of tea.

8:30am – Play with degus whilst doing hair and make-up. Gambit degu eats my mascara.

9:00am – Check blood sugars (on Dexcom) 5.0. Make poached eggs and toast. Count carbs (22 grams) and take insulin (extended bolus 30 minutes).

10:30am – Leave for work training session. Make mental note to get petrol and order more glucose test strips. Test glucose before driving.

11:00am – Arrive at training session. Check glucose (7.5). Regret not bringing a travel mug of tea. Turn off alarms on Dexcom but keep within reach.

11:30am – Really regret not bring tea. Stomach starts to make strange “gastroparesis” noises. Pray that I’m not going to start feeling nauseous.

12:00pm – Test glucose. Drive to Asda. Spend money that I don’t have on beauty products that I don’t need. Debate in head whether or not to buy more salad. Decide not to as stomach can’t digest salad. Realise I forgot carrier bags. 

1pm – Count carbs in soup (12 grams of carbs). Soup tastes cheap and nasty because it’s cheap and nasty. Take insulin (standard bolus). Drink tea. Make more tea.

2pm – Reply to lots of emails. Drink tea. Realise I didn’t turn Dexcom alerts back on.

4pm – Study, study, facebook, study, twitter, study. Quickly check Dexcom

6:30pm – Tidy bathroom cupboard. Throw away all beauty products that have been covered in sticky goo. Check on degus and feed them. Check glucose is still in range.

7:30pm – Tidy clothes (get all tidying done before starting placement next week). Realise that 46 t-shirts may be excessive. Throw no t-shirts away. Make more tea.

8:00 – Have a hypo before dinner. Eat jelly babies then remember that they don’t work anymore. Drink Lucozade.

8:20pm – Count carbs for dinner (70 grams of carbs). Extend insulin by 1 hour. Watch Archer with Mr T.

9:00pm - Study a bit more. 

9:30 – Get degus out of cage for exercise. Reply to more emails whilst stopping degus from eating the walls.

10:00 – Wake up on degus floor after “shutting my eyes for a minute”. Degus have gone back into cage on their own.

11:00 - Change insulin in pump. Remember that I shouldn’t do that before bed. Test glucose (8.2). Get into bed.

11:10 Have chat with Mr T. Decide to keep alarms on Dexcom during the night after Mr T confirms that they don’t wake him. Check glucose on Dexcom one more time.

11:30 Remember that Lucozade is in kitchen. Go to find it and put it near bed. 

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