Friday, 13 November 2015

We are the world in world diabetes day #insulin4all

Everyone with diabetes deserves to live long, healthy and happy lives! Insulin, test strips, blood glucose meters etc should not be a luxury, they should be available to anyone who needs them. We need to support people and advocate for them until they are provided with what they need to manage their diabetes! (cont)

That is why I am supporting T1International's World Diabetes Day campaign, #Insulin4All.

Please upload your selfie to T1Internationsl's tumblr page and show your support too! This campagin brings people with diabetes from around the world together in order to advocate for better access to insulin, test strips and other diabetes supplies. Take a look at their website and see the good work that Elizabeth and her team have been doing for the last few years - They are amazing people and they need your help to raise awareness for the fact that many people around the world are suffering from complications and dying due to lack of access to diabetes supplies. 

Have a great World Diabetes Day everyone and don't forget to support this cause.

Ninjabetic x 

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