Tuesday, 9 February 2016

It's okay to be selfish

I’ve realised recently that it’s okay to occasionally be selfish. 

I’ve realised that saying yes isn’t always a good thing and that by occasionally saying no I’m taking better care of myself. 

I’ve realised that the activities I enjoy can be difficult to get pleasure from if I don't think about my own needs as well as others.

I’ve realised that comparing myself to others is destructive and can impact on me physically and emotionally... (cont)

I've realised that I have value and worth, but others can take advantage of that because they realise it too. 

I’ve realised that I don’t need to follow the crowd to fit in and be accepted by others. 

I’ve realised that there are signs that I may need extra support and that turning my back on those signs can lead to a downward spiral. 

I’ve realised that people can’t be changed and that I don’t have to do something that someone else wouldn’t do for me. 

I’ve realised that it’s okay to ask “why” and not to accept everything I’m told. 

I’ve realised that I’m entitled to challenge and question anything that will impact on my life. 

I’ve realised that almost everything I do influences or is influenced by my diabetes, which means that by occasionally being selfish is in fact being kind to myself. 

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